Lab Values

As a result of discussions during the ShutDownSTEM Strike4BlackLives, the Bertrand Lab has collectively agreed on lab values that outline actionable steps for combatting inequalities in our field.


The Betrand Lab prioritizes actively working towards a welcoming and inclusive academic environment. As a lab we aim to:

Amplify the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ scientists and other underrepresented groups in STEAM by:

  • Reading and citing articles by these researchers

  • Critically evaluating the values and practices of journals we publish in, conferences we attend, and societies we support

  • Lowering financial barriers by ensuring that all work in the lab is for pay or University credit

Contribute to efforts to decolonize science by:

  • Ensuring that our field work respects indigenous perspectives and knowledge

  • Recognizing that academic systems are inherently colonial and actively seeking ways to undermine that

  • Recognizing Two-Eyed Seeing (the notion that both western scientific principles and indigenous principles are valuable)

Work to make science more accessible by:

  • Developing and participating in targeted outreach activities

  • Participating in community activism as a group

  • Using accessible language and techniques

  • Only publishing our work in open-access formats when possible

  • Making all our data are publicly available

  • Ensuring all our papers and presentations are accessible to those with color-blindness

Build a safe, healthy, respectful, and diverse workplace by:

  • Learning from and being accountable for our words, actions and mistakes

  • Understanding that silence is complicit in acts of racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia

  • Acknowledging, questioning, and unlearning stereotypes created by the white, hetero-normal and colonial systems of society

  • Listening, engaging, and growing from difficult and uncomfortable discussions inside and outside the lab

  • Supporting the health, safety, and well-being of our colleagues in the lab, office, department and field