Our Research

Uncovering the role of micronutrients and microbial interactions in
marine microbial systems


Using targeted proteomics to trace micronutrient dynamics

We're developing novel protein-based metrics to identify and quantify micronutrient impacts on marine microbial processes. This work is funded by the NSERC Discovery program and the Simons Foundation.


Roles of glaciers in shaping marine productivity in the Canadian Arctic

In collaboration with Dr. Maya Bhatia at the University of Alberta, Dr. Stephanie Waterman and University of British Columbia, Dr. David Burgess at Natural Resources Canada, and Mr. Jimmie Qaapik of Grise Fiord, we're studying how input from melting glaciers might drive patterns of marine productivity. This work is funded by the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) and the Polar Continental Shelf Program.

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Temperature-driven changes in micronutrient utilization?

We're working to examine whether an how temperature changes influence how micronutrients are used in cells and what the consequences of those changes might be for biogeochemical cycles. This work is funded by the Simons Foundation.

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Changing microbial communities in the Northwest Atlantic

We're working to understand how marine microbial activity is changing in the Northwest Atlantic and what the consequences of this might be for the future of our marine backyard. This project is funded by the Ocean Frontier Institute and is a collaboration between the Bertrand, LaRoche, Algar and Beiko Labs at Dalhousie.


Novel approaches for metaproteomics in marine microbial communities

We're working to develop new computational and mass spectrometry approaches for examining protein expression in complex marine microbial communities. This work is funded by, the US NSF, CFI and the NSERC Discovery program.